Raising Awareness for Wildlife and supporting the Management of Wildlife Habitat

Photographic Wildlife Survey

Through raising awareness about wildlife and its habitat we aim to enable people to enjoy natural habitat areas without impacting it negatively. In this sense we offer also wildlife surveys to owners and managers of natural habitat areas. Our initial wildlife assessments and trail camera surveys help our customers to understand what wildlife species are living and visiting their properties as well as with managing their natural habitat and agricultural land in consideration of wildlife and the Local Biodiversity Action Plan.

Providing Talks

Our photographer and project leader provides talks to schools as well as wildlife and other interest groups. These talks are about our wildlife in our neighbourhood, different wildlife species and wildlife conservation.

What we do ....

Trail Camera Surveys

We are offering trail camera surveys not only to managers of nature reserves and natural habitats, but also to landowners, who would like to get a better understanding about what wildlife lives and/or visits their property.

Initial Wildlife Assessments

We offer initial assessments on what wildlife activity and also non-wildlife activity is happening on natural habitat areas and also on agricultural properties. This analysis involves looking for animal paths, earths, footprints, hair, faeces and any other signs of wildlife activities.   

Our natural environment is a system that is functioning based on a wide variety of wildlife and plant species.